9:30am Meditation/Affirmative Prayer

10am Service every Sunday

What people are saying:

"I learn something new about the teaching, and about myself, every Sunday. My life has been transformed in the most wonderful ways because of this. Also, the community of folks at CSL-LA make me feel like a part of a loving family. I've made many life-long friends there, and am grateful for everything about it." - Wendy W.

"I think it combines all of the "best practices" from the world's religions. 
Mindfulness, presence, compassion, connecting with the divine / God." 

Danielle: "Thank you so much for inviting me to your spiritual community. It was a wonderful experience. I appreciate the motivation and solid advice I received today from wise leaders. I’m ready to put them into action."

Kensiwe: "I am grateful for the love and support that filled the room. Today was a Gift and tremendously Healing."

 Who are we?

This Spiritual Center welcomes you if you desire personal growth and positive change in a community with like-minded people. Join us on Sunday mornings and for evening classes to hear Spiritual Truth taught with warmth, humor and clarity. In both of these settings you are presented with the opportunity to learn how to apply spiritual principles for better living. 

If you are someone who is "spiritual but not religious", this post-denominational Center just might be the end of your seeking and the start of a new experience of freedom.  

We know that you - just as you are - are a Perfect Expression of God, Entitled to a Full Life of Joy. 

What can I expect on Sunday?

While we are a spiritual center, we are not a church in the traditional sense. We teach that thought - your thought - is creative and that if "you change your thinking, you change your life." 


Our gatherings are casual and contemporary. 


There is never a demand or obligation of any kind when you attend the Center, but we are totally supported by attendees, like you!  Feel free to visit any Sunday and know that you will be welcomed and respected.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



If you are unable to join us, you can watch our LIVE STREAM every Sunday 10am by clicking HERE

To watch our previous Sunday services, please visit our YouTube-channel here or watch our latest service (February 16th, 2020) down below: