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What is the Science of Mind? 

by Ernest Holmes                                                    

January 21, 1887 - April 7, 1960

The Science of Mind is an outgrowth of the spiritual faith which people have had throughout the ages. Before science was conceived, the Presence of God was felt. Before ever mental actions or reactions were analyzed, history was filled with instances of men and women who had experienced God.The Science of Mind is comparatively new, but the mental experience of the invisible universe is as old as the history of man. It is new in that for the first time in history we have put together all findings which contribute to the establishment of man's relationship with the universe, to the end that he may be able to apply his spiritual understanding to the everyday problems of human life.The Science of Mind is intensely practical because it teaches us how to use the Mind Principle for definite purposes, such as helping those who are sick, impoverished, or unhappy. Each one of us can learn to become a practitioner of this science, a demonstrator of its principle, a conscious user of its power. Power already exists, but the existence of power is of no particular value to us until we use it. We must not only be conscious of power, but we must be actively conscious of it. This is one of the first lessons we learn in the Science of Mind.                                                                                   




  "What We Believe" by Ernest Holmes was published in the first issue of Science of Mind Magazine October, 1927

We Believe in God, the Living Spirit Almighty; one indestructible, absolute, and self-existent Cause. This One manifests Itself in and through all creation but is not absorbed by Its creation. The manifest universe is the body of God; it is the logical and necessary outcome of the infinite self-knowingness of God.

We Believe in the incarnation of the Spirit in everyone and that all people are incarnations of the One Spirit.

We Believe in the eternality, the immortality, and the continuity of the individual soul, forever and ever expanding.

We Believe that heaven is within us and that we experience it to the degree that we become conscious of IT.

We Believe the ultimate goal of life to be a complete emancipation from all discord of every nature, and that this goal is sure to be attained by all.

We Believe in the unity of all life, and that the highest God and the innermost God is one God.

We Believe that God is personal to all who feel this indwelling Presence.

We Believe in the direct revelation of Truth through the intuitive and spiritual nature of the individual, and that any person may become a revealer of Truth who lives inclose contact with the indwelling God.

We Believe that the Universal Spirit, which is God, operates through a Universal Mind, which is the Law of God; and that we are surrounded by the Creative Mind which receives the direct impress of our thought and acts upon it.

We Believe in the healing of the sick through the Power of this Mind.

We Believe in the control of conditions through the Power of this Mind.

We Believe in the eternal Goodness, the eternal Loving-kindness, and the eternal Givingness of Life to all.

We Believe in our own soul, our own spirit, and our own destiny; for we understand that the life of all is God.

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